property Adaptions

Property Adaptions at Sahpe Newcastle

Our experienced design team can assist in helping you create a suitable layout to your exact requirements.

Door Widening

Most doorways are not the correct size for wheelchair access, we can help overcome this problem by widening the opening and installing a new door. This can be achieved in most instances whether it be an internal or external door, however, there are some limitations and a survey visit is paramount to ascertain any potential problems

motion Sensor Lighting

At Shape, we aim to be at the forefront of innovation and design. This can be achieved through many applications, one of which is to help with energy bills.

Using a motion sensor (P.I.R) to control your lighting in a bathroom, for example, can cut down on your energy bill as the light will only remain on while someone is in the room. Along with this you can get rid of the pull cord hanging in the room.

Lowering Switches & Lifting Sockets

For those who find it difficult to bend down to reach a socket or are perhaps unable to reach up to a light switch as it is too high, we can overcome this problem.

The Doc M Building Regulations gives guidance around this which is to: Aim is to assist those people whose reach is limited to use the dwelling more easily by locating wall mounted switches and sockets at suitable heights. Switches and socket outlets for lighting and other equipment should be located so that they are easily reachable. A way of satisfying Regulation M1 would be to provide switches and socket outlets for lighting and other equipment in habitable rooms at appropriate heights between 450 mm and 1200 mm from finished floor levels.

Grab Rails & Wall/Door Protectors

We offer a wide selection of grab rails for use throughout the home. Each grab rail is manufactured using reinforced materials, and is easy and safe to install. Features include fluted grip pads, warm-feel surfaces, and varied colour and folding options.

Our extensive range of wall and door protection applications incorporate many different modern and traditional colours and designs.


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